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TriM Scope II - Stands and Stages

The TriM Scope II 2-Photon microscope can be combined with upright and inverted stands. Currently, LaVision BioTec provides its own upright intravital stand, Nikon Ti-U, Olympus BX 51 WI, Zeiss Axio Examiner, and Zeiss Axio Observer. Most stands can be combined with LaVsion BioTec’s Intravital Stage or 3rd party stages for patch clamp applications.

Intravital Stage
The Intravital Stage is a xy-table including hydraulic precision z-drive to adapt the table z-position to the specimen and the objective dimensions. On the table is a lot of space to position the sample in the best way under the microscope and to fix e.g. patch clamp accessories directly on the stage. The Intravital stage for upright microscopes can be delivered in 3 different versions:  

            1. xy manual, 80 mm z-travel  
            2. xy motorized, 80 mm z-travel  
            3. xy motorized, 180 mm z-travel

All versions, with manual and motorized movement in xy, include a manual hydraulic precision z-drive to adapt the table z-position. During image acquisition, the stage will be fixed.

The motorized version is integrated in the ImSpector Software package that supports image stitching and allows to control the movement of the table and thereby of the sample precisely. Specially, during stitching and multipoint measurements in which the sample is moved by the stage to allow recording of images from different areas during one measurement.
·         Flexible Intravital Stage with long z-travel
·         Fully motorized version with high accuracy
·         Multi positioning for sample holder
·         Software package supporting stitching
·         Stitching and Multiposition measurements




Dimension plate

537 mm (width) x 450 mm (depth)

Height z

190-270 mm

Maximum travel

50 mm (x) x 50 mm (y) x 80 [180] mm (z)

Resolution xy

0.078 µm

Repetition accuracy

1.0 µm

Maximum speed

up to 4.4 mm/s

Sample plate holder

accepts sample plates with an outer diameter of 110 mm

Top plate

magnetic stainless steel, with mounts for sample holder and a 25 mm x 25 mm thread [M6] array


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